Let’s create a world in which every individual can flourish

Jeans For Refugees
3 min readJun 11, 2020


Remove race, gender, age, orientation, religion, name, appearance, and then money, status, education, and history… the list goes on. Who would you be, what might you be doing, where would you be right this very moment, and most importantly, why?

The above shouldn’t stop you, the above should excite you. Every detail about you makes you who you are, there is not one person on this earth who even comes close to you. So, where are you making your mark? Let’s start now.

Every day we are given the opportunity to wake, shake, and make. This looks different for every human being across a plethora of sectors and countries around the world. Culture, community, and creativity help us better understand our lives and those of others. Not only that, but they also help us build a space in which we can discuss, collaborate, and share opinions.

We were born into a world of many and each of us adds to the communities we live in or chose to be in for a period of time. We know what creativity looks like, we have seen the beauty of ideas, and we are surrounded by people that want to do more, be more. But, how can we make sure everyone has a voice, lives out their purpose, and continues to flourish? Well, through a few behaviours,


Respect boosts creativity and ideas in our circles, whether that is your school, workplace, or friend group. Organizations, schools, communities, and social groups are terrains that can either build or destroy human accomplishments. Respect leads to more effective communication and collaboration, and ideas lead to innovation that makes the world what it is.


We want everybody to feel valued and accepted. We don’t want people to conform to ideas, thoughts, and opinions that don’t align with their own views and feelings. Inclusive groups support all, regardless of background and circumstance.


Allocate time for new ideas, give people space to reflect on their thoughts and feelings, and in the workplace, on their projects and agendas. Without encouragement around innovation and idea building both inside and outside the workplace — creative thinking, related thoughts, and collaboration fall flat.

Here at Jeans for Refugees (jeansforrefugees.com) we don’t believe in labels and limits, we believe in love and life and most importantly, each other.

Let’s continue creating a world where we can all flourish, respecting the opinions of others, including everyone in our circles, and encouraging those around us who are eager to make a difference.



Jeans For Refugees

JFR is a humanitarian initiative by Johny Dar involving more than 100 celebrities who have donated their jeans to be painted and sold to raise funds for the IRC