Art has immense power, it is a catalyst for change in society and an agent for positive transformation on both a personal level, as well as impacting society as a whole.

When considering the value of art in society, its obvious intrinsic value is personal — art can clearly illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world. However, art also has a wider, more measurable impact on our health and wellbeing, education, economy and society. …

Remove race, gender, age, orientation, religion, name, appearance, and then money, status, education, and history… the list goes on. Who would you be, what might you be doing, where would you be right this very moment, and most importantly, why?

The above shouldn’t stop you, the above should excite you. Every detail about you makes you who you are, there is not one person on this earth who even comes close to you. So, where are you making your mark? Let’s start now.

Every day we are given the opportunity to wake, shake, and make. This looks different for every…

Jeans For Refugees

JFR is a humanitarian initiative by Johny Dar involving more than 100 celebrities who have donated their jeans to be painted and sold to raise funds for the IRC

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